Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bald Eagles Nesting in Palos Township

How exciting! Just a few minutes from my house!

A pair of bald eagles has nested in Palos Township next to Tampier Slough, a section of the Cook County Forest Preserves near Palos Park. In the last few weeks, eaglets have hatched, making this the first confirmed nesting site in Cook County in more than a century.

The nest itself is about 6 feet wide, leading officials to believe the pair began to build last year.

The eaglets are not expected to venture outside the nest for several weeks and will rely on their parents' fishing. The eagles will generally cover an area of one to two miles in their hunting expeditions.

It was Bill Allaway, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited, in Palos Park who first alerted forest preserve district staff about the nest.


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