Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Friday, April 29, is National Hair ball Awareness Day! What better way to spread the word than by coughing up a virtual hairball on all your Facebook friends? If you’re a cat owner, you’ve surely fallen victim to a hairball attack. There’s nothing worse than discovering that little present from your pet in the middle of the night in your bare feet. National Hairball Awareness Day provides a platform for highlighting this issue and educating cat owners of the solutions Science Diet offers. You can help spread the word for Hill's Hairball Control products by playing and passing on Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s very first Facebook game—Hairball Battle! Playing the game is simple. Choose one of the hilarious hairballs and cough them up on your friends! But watch out, they’ll be able to retaliate! Silly, sloppy and a bit disgusting—it’s the most fun friends of felines can have without leaving Facebook! Play the game by clicking the Battle link below. Then fight to the yucky finish. Watch your step! P.S. Dog lovers, don’t be shy—you can play, too! Seriously, if you would like more information about hairballs and hairball control, please visit Hill's® Science Diet® Hairball Control Formulas.

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