Thursday, April 21, 2011

Product Review: PetPeePee

I was asked to try out a new product which guarantees that "Urine stains removed will never resurface!" Recommended for tile, grout, wood floors and carpets, to remove dog and cat urine odor. The timing of the request was perfect because our sweet, dear kitty, Bandit, sometimes misses the litterbox and baptizes the carpet instead. I waited until the next "accident" for a good time to try PetPeePee. I was very skeptical when I opened the bottle and took a whiff - and smelled ... nothing! The liquid was clear, too. Hmmmm, I thought - is this just plain water? The directions said to place my nose on an area that smells of urine. Yup - I found the spot right away. Then, I had to saturate the area with the PetPeePee liquid, but without using a spray bottle. It felt a little worrisome, dumping more liquid onto the carpeting, but I did it. I waited the 5 minutes recommended, then started to dab up all the moisture with a clean white rag. I decided to let it dry over night and check it out in the morning. Well? Nice! No smell! The cat urine smell is totally gone! How did they do that? The bottle doesn't list the ingredients. It just says, "Naturally blended Dead Sea minerals." Whatever they are, they work. I will recommend this product to all. If you'd like to find out more about PetPeePee, or see if their products are available in a store near you, please visit their website:


Angus said...

Oh, if only they would sell this in Europe .

Arbel Martin said...

PetPeePee ships internationally.

A Mini Beginning said...

I am very happy to say that I have VERY well house trained dogs but I'm going to remeber this stuff for sure for any future puppies we have. Thanks!