Friday, July 25, 2008

Newspaper Won't Run Obituary

A grieving woman in Orange County, FL, says her loved one is being discriminated against by a local newspaper. She says the West Orange Times decided not to run an obituary after they saw the picture. Kimberly DeWolf is so angry she is threatening to sue if Bailey is not given the proper farewell. She was preparing for a 13th birthday party next month. "His birthday would've been August 18th. He's been the love of my life. My parents, their grandchild," she said. But instead of a celebration, Kimberly was at a funeral service. "He's actually buried at my parents house, has a gravesite," she said. During a week off for bereavement, Kimberly wrote an obituary and wanted it placed in her local paper, the West Orange Times. But when editors saw the picture of Bailey, there was a problem in their eyes. "He's not a dog, he's my child, he's never been a dog," Kimberly said. "They're discriminating against me because it's a dog in their eyes." Source:

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