Friday, July 18, 2008

Lenore and Brutus, an unusual love story

John Katz has lived for some years with sheep, cows, steers, goats, barn cats, chickens—and dogs—on a farm in upstate New York, Bedlam Farm, but he had never encountered a situation where animals of different species have fallen in love, or even had much of a friendship. In an article for Slate Magazine, "My Dog Has a Crush on My Ram," he writes about Lenore, a highly affectionate black lab, who is is utterly smitten with Brutus, a neutered ram. Each day, the pair seems more companionable. Lenore looks for Brutus, and when she finds him, she sometimes challenges him to romp, occasionally rolling over and flirtatiously showing her belly. She isn't above giving his nose or ear a lick. Some days, they just graze side by side, Lenore also chomping down the grass. The two of them are always together. She cleans his ear, he noses her or butts her gently. It's something to see. (via: The Roanoke Times: The Happy Wag)

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