Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Arkansas Mayor Arrested for Animal Cruelty

As we reported in a previous post, Animal management by morons, James Valley, the mayor of Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, thought that an acceptable method of dealing with stray dogs was to drop them off in the national forest. It looks as though what Valley did was not only stupid, but illegal, as well. He has been arrested for animal cruelty. Valley never went to jail and was release on his own recognizance with no bond. He is facing misdemeanor animal cruelty charges, which carry up to one year in jail or a $1000 fine. Source: Eyewitness News


jan said...

I hope he gets some jail time. What a stupid thing to think he could get by with.

Anonymous said...

Animal cruelty is offend made by most of the people,may be they are not aware of the law.Those people must be punished for doing this.

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