Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lincoln Park Zoo has flamingo eggs

10 potentially viable eggs have been laid by Lincoln Park Zoo's Chilean flamingos, with zoo experts expecting offspring to begin hatching in about two weeks. Available records indicate that the zoo has been egg-less since at least the late 1950s. In 2003, the zoo swapped breeds, changing from the American species to the hardier Chilean type. Adding the vegetation helped make the population -- there are currently 48 of the birds -- seem denser, which flamingos prefer. Source: Chicago Sun-Times FLAMINGO FACTS Why are flamingos pink? The color reflects the beta carotene in their diet of shrimp and shellfish. Why do they stand on one foot? Raising one foot helps them shift their weight to make themselves more comfortable. Folding one leg also can keep them warm by reducing the blood supply to the folded limb. Do flamingos fly? Yes, but they need a few paces to take off. Zoo flamingos either have their wings regularly clipped or are pinioned, having parts of their wings removed when they are young. Source: Lincoln Park Zoo; Sea World 2nd photo: (via Mutts) Hanover Zoo's newest addition, who increases their flamingo family to an even 100 birds,

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