Saturday, April 12, 2008


Michele Diller, 64, of Rochester, WA, bought rats as food for her pet snakes but eventually came to think of them as ''friends'' and allowed them to breed and overrun her house. The rats have gnawed through wiring, walls, cupboards and drawers, and have begun turning up in neighbors' yards. When Animal Control officials entered the house, they saw that rat feces covered table tops, floors, chairs - virtually every flat surface in the house. In addition, the carpets were saturated with rat urine, and the air inside the home was heavy with odors and moisture. There was no electricity in most rooms of the house because the rats had chewed through the wiring. In addition, the sewage had backed up and there was no running water or heat in the home. The sound of rats chewing in the walls and floors was a "constant undertone." Souce: KOMO-TV

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