Monday, April 21, 2008

LEGO birdhouse

My sons loved LEGO blocks while they were younger. We had LEGO creations all over the house. And we also had loose blocks all over the house. Very sharp when you stepped on them barefoot, uncomfortable when you sat on them on the couch. One time, when we had a blocked toilet, guess what we found? LEGO blocks! Hopefully, Dave doesn't have pieces all over his house to step on. I'm sure he doesn't, he's way too creative for that. Dave e-mailed me to show me his LEGO cat birdhouse creation: Dave's kitty, Simon, approves of the birdhouse. Although Dave designed his birdhouse to be a functional birdhouse, he never intended to put it outside and let the elements destroy good LEGO bricks. This made him a little sad because the birdhouse would never really have any birds as visitors. So Dave built a LEGO bird for the LEGO birdhouse! Very creative, Dave!


Jan said...

Adorable but maybe a little scary for actual birds.

Julie said...

I would put it outside - maybe the birds would rebuild it into a shape they liked. Wouldn't that be fun?

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