Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Dog Did It: Woman Gets $300K Deal

A police dog in Ogden, UT, put a pickup truck into gear, injuring a woman on her way to the mailbox in an incident that has ended with a $300,000 settlement. Mary Frances Stone, 43, was walking to her mailbox in July 2006 when she was hit by a 1990 Ford pickup truck assigned to Officer Taylor Finder. Ranger, a German shepherd, was in the bed of the idling truck but jumped into the front seat through a sliding door and somehow knocked the automatic transmission into gear, police said. Stone, who had a broken pelvis, had asked for $580,000 but settled with the city's insurer for $300,000. Source: AP


Richard & Elsa Laplante said...

I guess Ranger thought the gear shift was a juicy bone and jumped on it. The only thing that was juicy was the financial settlement.

Julie said...

Some half-witted politician will probably propose a new law requiring police dogs to take driver's education classes.