Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PIG 05049

What happens to a pig after it has been slaughtered? Of course, part of the animal is meant for consumption, but what happens to the rest? Over three years, designer Christien Meindertma has investigated exactly what products are made from pigs. Her quest provided her with 187 products and led her to a tattoo artist, dentist, farmer and weapon specialist. Beer, medicine, munitions, cardiac valves, brake discs and bubblegum: these are but a few products that contain parts, or sometimes minuscule particles, of a pig. For the very first time an almost surgical dissection of one specific pig is exhibited: PIG 05049 is on display in the Kunsthal, Rotterdam, together with all the products that originate from it. The presentation can be considered as the preamble to KunsthalKOOKT, Festival of Real Taste, to be held from 26 up to 28 September. (via Scribal Terror)

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