Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stumpy the duck loses one of his four legs

STUMPY, the Hampshire duck which became famous around the world after being born with four legs, has lost one of its extra limbs after getting caught in its pen. Stumpy caught the media's attention worldwide after it was born at the Warrawee Duck Farm in the New Forest on February 7. After catching one of its extra limbs in its special pen, the duck is now down to only three legs. However, the accident has led to a positive outcome for Stumpy, because now it can roam the farm free with the other ducks because it is no longer at risk of being caught in hedges, which could have put its life in danger. Farm owner Nicky Janaway said: "He's now only got three legs and a stump which means he's Stumpy by name and stumpy by nature.

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