Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Man Hospitalized After Fish Attack

BREVARD COUNTY, FL -- A freak fish attack sent a man to the hospital in Brevard County. Josh Landin says a 57-pound fish -- measuring nearly five feet long -- jumped into his boat and bit him. Josh and his friends say it happened as they leaned over the side of the boat to reel in a smaller fish. "We were staring at that little fish ...and like someone waved a magic wand that went whoosh and it was suddenly a 5 foot long 60 pound fish!" said Rob Platner, victim's friend. "[It] jumped right out of the water, hit me in the chest, knocked me over and bit my leg," said Josh Landin. The fish was a king mackerel, which tore into Josh's hand and leg in two places. Josh had to get more than a hundred stitches at the hospital.

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