Monday, January 12, 2009

Rare tree kangaroo species has twins at Neb. zoo

Nebraska zookeepers are seeing double and they're thrilled about it, with the birth of twins to a rare species of tree kangaroo. Twin joeys were born last month at the Lincoln Children's Zoo to Matschie's tree kangaroos Milla and her mate Noru. They were found in Milla's pouch last month, and count as two of the four documented Matschie's tree kangaroo births last year. Kansas City Zoo zookeeper Jacque Blessington says only about 50 of the animals exist in North America. In the wild, they live in the rain forest in northeastern Papua New Guinea. She says the babies were likely the size of a lima bean at birth. They are expected to begin poking out their heads or feet as early as May. Source: AP Photo/ Lincoln Children's Zoo

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