Friday, January 2, 2009

China's Miracle Pig Becomes Fat and Lazy

The giant pig embraced in China as a miracle survivor of a massive earthquake in May has been voted the country's favorite animal. The hog was trapped for over a month following the 7.9 magnitude quake that killed nearly 90,000 in Sichuan, survived on charcoal and rainwater for 36 days, and was then bought by a businessman who named him "Zhu Jianqiang," or "Strong Pig." People come from all over to see the miracle pig, Reuters reported, but it was becoming increasingly spoiled, fed up with visitors even as it chows down. "It's gotten fatter and lazier by the day," the China Daily quoted staff as saying. "We used to take it out for a walk every morning and afternoon, but it's too lazy — and too fat — to do it." Source: FoxNews

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