Sunday, January 4, 2009

Great idea - a disposable litter box

The Critter Litter is a collapsible, disposable litter box, which allows for an improved way to change a litter box without the scooping, heavy bags or ambient odors associated with traditional litter boxes. This innovative product offers many benefits to the cat owner such as; a convenient and easy means for dealing with cat litter boxes, 100% biodegradable, eliminates retention of odors, no more scooping litter or heavy bags, no more plastic trays, portable unit fits today’s busy lifestyles, collapses for convenient storage and disposal after use and offered in various designs to fit different tastes and holiday themes. The "Order" link on the Critter Litter website is not functioning, so I have no further info on cost or availability. (via Inventionhome)

1 comment:

jan said...

Dang!! This is almost as good as having the cat use the toilet and flushing it.