Thursday, July 26, 2007

Poor, traveling baby siamang

Sungai, an 11-month-old siamang at the San Francisco Zoo who was rejected by her parents in Albuquerque and then by her fellow apes in Houston, will be moving to Kentucky soon in her ongoing search for a family. Three human foster parents at the zoo had been hand-rearing Sungai while gradually introducing her to adults Mindy and Storm, with the hope they'd bond with her. It didn't happen. So, in the next few weeks, she'll leave for the Louisville Zoo, where she'll join her 8-week-old brother Zain -- freshly snubbed by their parents in New Mexico -- and Zoli, a 4-month-old male whose mother and father died unexpectedly. "The hope is that all three, who are showing signs of not accepting adult company, can be reared together and learn natural behaviors," Garcia said. "All three are considered important to the siamang species survival plan breeding program." [See earlier photos of Sungai at the San Francisco Zoo.]


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