Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pair of cats socks it to neighbors

Found: 17 pairs of socks, not all match.

Roger and Catherine Dellor's cats - Cleo and Tony - have been bringing them presents: someone else's socks.

"At first, it was just one or two," said Roger Dellor. "Now, they are arriving every day."

The Los Altos couple thought they could return the socks to the proper laundry basket after making a plea in fliers they put in neighbors' mailboxes.

"Neighbor, are you losing socks?" the flier asked.

No one has stepped forward so far, but the Dellors think they know where at least some of the socks are coming from.

One of their neighbors, for reasons unknown, has a bag of socks in his driveway of the cul-de-sac neighborhood where the Dellors say it is safe to let their cats out.

"I saw a bag of underwear, too," Roger Dellor said. "I just hope the cats don't decide to bring home the underwear."


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Aloysius said...

I think you've uncovered the motherlode of missing socks here!