Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Poisons, Poisons, Everywhere!

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center recently released a list of the ten most common poisons that dogs ingest. What is immediately striking about the list is how ordinary each of the poisons is—most of us have these compounds in our homes or garages. The list is a reminder that it is important to keep medications and potentially toxic items locked up or stored safely away from our pets.

Here is a list of the toxins that you need to keep out of your pet’s reach:

Ibuprofen Chocolate Ant and Roach Baits Rodenticides Acetaminophen Pseudoephedrine Containing Cold Medications Thyroid Hormones Bleach Fertilizer, Including Plant “Foods” Hydrocarbons Including Paints, Polishes, and Fuel Oils

1 comment:

jan said...

Good to be aware of these. I'm surprised antifreeze isn't on the list. It is supposed to smell and taste sweet but is very lethal.