Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stray cats take over KY town

TAYLORSVILLE, KY - People in Taylorsville say they are fed up with unwanted stray cats, but it seems they have no choice for now but to welcome the group. Meanwhile, the mayor says the city is doing everything they can to control the problem. There are cats running around downtown, at gas stations, and even roaming around people's homes - and cars. "They're all over the cars," one resident said. "You go up there and look at the cat crap on the hood and stuff." Mayor Pay says the cats have been a growing problem for several years, but thinks they're making progress in tackling it. Pay says they've spayed and neutered at least 100 cats and still have about 200-300 to go. He believes those efforts will eventually help lower the stray cat population. Source


Doris Sturm said...

Good for them! I'm glad to read they are approaching this problem humanely rather than just euthanizing them all..pet spay and neuter is the answer!

curator said...

I agree with the earlier comment. How did things get to such a pass there anyway?