Friday, January 14, 2011

Yeah, I tried to get out of jury duty, too

Boston resident Sal Esposito recently got called in for jury duty. He might have some problems performing this required task, though, as Sal is a cat. The problem arose after owners Anna and Guy Esposito listed him on the last U.S. Census under "pet." Anna filed for his disqualification of service. He was not "too old," "ill," or a "convicted felon," so she filed that he "cannot speak English." The jury commissioner denied this request. Source Note: cat in photo is NOT Sal Esposito.


Nanny McFur said...

too funny - good luck getting a fair trial with a cat on the jury!

curator said...
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curator said...

Oops I typo'd pretty badly on my last one so I deleted it. Anyway, it's true, they don't have a choice for "I am not human."

Shannon's Pet-Sitting said...

I would have shown up to court w the cat! BUT why did he show up in the system? Somebody registered him, voted or something!

Shannon Cole
Shannon's Pet-Sitting

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