Friday, January 7, 2011

Mass Animal Deaths: The Creepiest Casualties Ever

In light of the recent occurrence of large numbers of dead birds appearing mysteriously, The Huffington Post recaps a few of the creepiest mass animal deaths that have occurred throughout history. One I had never heard of before is Scotland’s Overtoun Bridge, where many dogs have committed, or have attempted, suicide. "The Daily Mail wrote an article featuring reports of horrified pet owners who walked their dog over the bridge, when suddenly the dog would, without warning, leap over the bridge, falling 50 ft to the rocky bottom below. Perhaps even more disturbing, there are reports of “second timers” – of the few dogs who have survived the fall, some jumped over the same bridge again. " Source

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Peter Write said...

That the sadist thing i have ever heard and a shame for something like that to happen to your pet. I could not even imagine.