Friday, December 3, 2010

Koala Bears - cute & endangered

Most of us, by now, know that koala are not really "bears." But did you also know that koalas are social animals and can communicate with each other over long distances? But the most important fact about koalas is that the impact of intense urbanization has resulted in the destruction of their habitat, while the attacks of other animals, like domestic dogs and foxes, and traffic accidents, are causing the koala population to decline. Source: Environmental Graffiti


curator said...

! Koalas endangered! No, I didn't know and I sure don't like it.

Alvin said...

I was not aware that Koalas are endangered. We should take a step to save them. Your post made me aware about it.
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Anna said...

There really are cute!! Its to bad they are endangered.

Alex White said...

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