Sunday, June 21, 2009

Want to sleep on your dead pet?

What could be more comforting than the memories of your late pet laid to rest beneath your sleeping head? If a cherished pet's death leaves you sleepless and missing that warm, furry embrace, then Patricia Moore of Naples, Fla., may have the answer: pillows stuffed with your pet's ashes. Moore started Soft-Hearted Products after she lost her own dog, Samantha. Samantha was cremated and her ashes were returned to her owner in an urn that felt cold and impersonal. "She was always with me," Moore said. "On my lap, on my bed, next to me. I missed that so much." Source


Light Rose said...

This is pretty gross.

Rottweiler said...

yea I don't know about this...sounds pretty disturbing.

~ Vom Bullenfeld German Rottweiler puppies