Sunday, June 14, 2009

Skamper Ramp Dog Boat Ramp

Thousands of dogs drown in pools each year. Senior Pet Products has a solution. According to the American Pet Association over 71 % of the population own pets, and 51 % of the population own a pool or spa. Together these numbers could spell big trouble for the pets and their owners alike. It is common knowledge that dogs swim by nature; they paddle around in water with little to no difficulty, but getting out of the water is something entirely different. Pets do not usually die because of their lack of swimming skills, but by exhaustion and their inability to exit the body of water. The Skamper Ramp Dog Boat Ramp - a white, box-corrugated, hi-tech plastic ramp attaches to the side of the pool, walled pond, and even most boats and docks. Animals can see it — day or night — and they "skamper" out on the ramp. It provides animals with a way out of their water entrapment. $89.99 at Senior Pet Products

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