Friday, January 11, 2008

It's just a faux "paw"

The Nevada Humane Society is doing a promotion surrounding the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday called "Black Is Beautiful" where black dogs and cats are offered for adoption at a reduced rate.

Black is Beautiful, Elegant, and in Style!
"Adopt a black or mostly black adult dog or cat Six months or older. Dogs - $40 and Cats - $25" Mark Robinson called NHS executive director Bonney Brown to question whether the timing of the promotion was racially insensitive. She said that they have an abundance of black animals and wanted a promotion to find homes for them. She said they set up the promotion, then realized it was over the King holiday and were indeed concerned that some might be offended by it. So, she said, they ran it by their three black staff members and all said they were fine with it. "We never intended to offend anyone," she said. (via) I never realized that people were less likely to adopt black dogs and black cats. I can't even begin to imagine why.

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jan said...

This is insane, totally insane. I would be it was only one or two people though and the press ran with it to stir up something.