Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cicero IL trains kids to be Pied Pipers

In a curious new tactic, Cicero, Illinois officials are recruiting children to join in the town's decades-old war on rats. On Wednesday afternoon, a town employee began distributing "Oh Rats," a 16-page coloring book that portrays, in sometimes very graphic terms, just how appalling rats can be. The book is the latest measure in the city's nearly $750,000 bid to kill rats in Cicero. The town ordered 20,000 books at a cost of $15,000. One page depicts the rodents scampering in a sack of garbage. Another shows a gargantuan rat flat on its back, tongue stuck out, after snacking on poison. A third panel has a dapper rat eager to dine on dog feces. The book's panels are accompanied by rat lessons, written by Cynthia Salvino, Cicero rat patrol employee. Salvino said she hoped children will remember, above all else, to keep their town free of dog feces. "The poop is really the main thing," said Salvino outside the school. "But how do you have them color that?"

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jan said...

So many times efforts to get rid of rats in a city has just resulted in a more pleasant less crowded environment for the smarter ones who survive.