Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rachael Ray Donates $775,000 to Pets in Need

Wouldn't it be great if more wealthy celebrities would do this? ... This holiday season, Ray is donating 100 percent of proceeds from her Nutrish and Just 6 pet food and treat lines to animal shelters nationwide, giving away a total of $775,000 before Dec. 31. Currently on the road to promote her newest cookbook, Look + Cook, Ray is also sponsoring pop-up adoption events for the shelters she's supporting in the hopes of raising awareness for her cause. "We only give to no-kill shelters," she says. "But we give to small and large; no one's excluded. We want to keep as many animals alive as possible." Source

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elaynereynolds6 said...

I agree, if more people of wealth would take it this personally then so many animals in need would benefit.
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