Tuesday, September 1, 2009



jan said...

I'm waiting for the film "Why Good Poodles Go Bad."

Petfinder.com/Blog said...

I love it! I never thought I'd see a purple poodle but I was surprised by these too: http://blogs.discovery.com/daily_treat/2009/08/shear-madness-butterdoodles-and-pandapoos.html

Froilán said...

Your blog is amazing!! Keep on fire! :D

Mad About Pets said...

Did they seriously dye that dog purple? That is crazy.

The Daily Reviewer said...


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Cheryl said...

I hope this dye is not harmful to the dog! Have you seen those pictures from the dog grooming contest where the dogs (usually poodles) have things like fish, and watermelon dyed and "carved" into their hair? Its crazy!

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jdk_007 said...

That picture is so funny. I love the purple color of the poodle!

Shannon's Pet-Sitting said...

I had a friend who had a kitten with white paws. Her older brother who was in a punk band was a little over board on the color purple. She came home one day to find her brother had colored the kittens white paws purple!!