Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Extra-special cat has 26 toes

Her human family noticed there was something different with the three-month-old kitten when she started scratching more than other cats. "You would sort of want to wear boxing gloves when you play with her," says Kaelene Gerrard, who lives with her partner Eli Eliu and daughters Mercy, six, and 12-year-old Shardae. She examined the frisky feline's paws and did a double take at what she found. "We counted and then recounted but we had it right the first time," she says. Extra has seven toes on each front paw and six toes on each back paw - instead of the normal five on each. "Her mum Star is a normal cat but her grandmother had six toes on each paw as well and so does her brother. But we've never even heard of a kitten with seven toes on each front paw," says Kaelene. "Extra's a good climber and runs really fast. (via)


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